Training with HRV Can Be a Great Tool to Guide Endurance Training

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

How does training with HRV work?

Training with HRV requires a little more work, flexibility, and planning.

Which metrics do I use while training with HRV?

There are several different HRV and heart rate metrics to look at in HRV4Training, similar to Whoop or Oura

Green means go, yellow means volume, red means rest

The app gives me a green, yellow, or red daily score that reflects how I’m doing with stress — both life and training.

Long-term trends show how well you adapt to training blocks

The Coefficient of Variability measures how much variability there is in my heart rate over time. If I’m handling stress well, my CV should decrease with the opposite also holding true.

Here’s how training with HRV works

First, we use HRV4Training or other tools like Whoop or Oura to get a baseline of our HRV data.

Kevin’s using training with HRV for gravel racing

I’ll use my client Kevin as an example of how using HRV to guide our training will work.

Specifics of using HRV for training

To start the example week in our training based on HRV, if Kevin has a green light on Monday, he’ll do an interval session.

Issues and caveats for Kevin’s training with HRV

One of the best reasons for having a coach is someone to address these things.

How we’ll use training with HRV for Eileen’s half-Ironman triathlon

Using this kind of training with HRV is a challenge with triathlon since there are three sports to juggle in the schedule.

We’ll need to pay attention!

There’s a lot of research that suggests this kind of individualized HRV training works better than the traditional three weeks on, one week off.

Curious about training with HRV?

Contact me or sign up for Virtual Coffee so we can talk about how you might use HRV for your training.



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