Run Less, Run Harder in Successful Running Training Plan for Endurance

How to increase stamina for running to build aerobic capacity, strength, and speed

One of the longest traditions in the world of running is to run lots and lots of miles to get faster and improve race times.

A pyramidal training can provide best of both worlds

Running a lot of miles takes a toll on the body. That’s thousands of footfalls.

A running endurance training plan brings big benefits down the road

Endurance runs are still important.

Not just miles but lifting heavy things and intervals

Recent research is suggesting that in addition to putting in the run training, lifting heavy things and doing intervals also builds endurance.

Only recovery makes the adaptations possible

There is an adage for training: gains are made when you sleep.

How do I create a running endurance training plan?

You need to go slow to get fast.



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Paul Warloski, Simple Endurance Coaching

I help everyday endurance athletes reach their adventure and challenge goals through personalized, holistic training, strength work, and yoga.