Five Things You’ll Want to Know About Endurance Training 2.6.23

This week’s Five Things You’ll Want to Know about Endurance Training discuss differences between male and female runners, nutrition myths, workout recovery, speed work, and ultras.

This week’s Five Things You’ll Want to Know About Endurance Training from Simple Endurance Coaching

Here are this week’s Five Things:

  1. Research on male and female runners reveals some interesting differences between the two. Read about them here.
  2. Outside Magazine discusses five myths about nutrition for runners that also applies to cyclists. Read about how they bust the myths here.
  3. Pro athletes usually get the best advice about how to recover from hard workouts and races. Read about how Alpecin riders (team of Mathieu van der Poel) recover from their workouts here.
  4. Beginning runners often just do increasingly long, slow runs to build endurance. However, research seems to show that doing speed work also improves performance in less time! Read about it here.
  5. Training for an ultra (a run longer than a marathon) can be daunting, like training for any long distance endurance event. But if you use smaller adventures to do your training, the process becomes more fun. Read about it here.

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