Bike Fed’s Ride Guide is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Feast!

Bike Fed’s Ride Guide is Like a Christmas Present

I picked up the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s annual ride guide yesterday after my yoga class at the Bay View Wheel and Sprocket.

There could be a “Choose Your Own Adventure” subtitle or chapter.

There’s so many cool things to do on a bicycle — and that’s just in Wisconsin.

Kirsten Finn, executive director of the Bike Fed, even says in her introduction: “I challenge you to choose your own adventure… Where will your bike take you this year?”

So Many “Choose Your Own Bike Adventure” Challenges

Start with the Bike Fed’s Events page.

Beyond the usual — and amazing — charity tours and rides, there are a ton of other options, including:

  • The Ride Across Wisconsin, which can now be four days instead of one. My client Brent Mazurek did it in one on his first try!
  • Dave Schlabowske, former director of the Bike Fed and now director the CAMBA up in Seeley, posted a Tour de Nicolet that went through the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.
  • Bikepacking through 99 Bridges.
  • Riding the mountain bike trails in and around Madison.
  • Participating in the Black is Beautiful rides.
  • Riding the trails in the Fox Cities with more than 340 miles of trail and bike-friendly routes.
  • Travel up to Vilas County and Boulder Junction to ride on the paved trails. I was up there this summer for a few days and the cycling is amazing!

We Are All About Choosing Your Bike Adventure

Simple Endurance Coaching is all about the adventure.

My own focus in cycling is to find great places to ride and enjoy myself.

I love challenging myself with gravel races and cyclocross.

Not only is it a mental challenge to just have fun and not get worried about results, but the physical challenge keeps me focused and alive.

My goal is to support cyclists of all abilities to set some kind of adventure goal and get ready for it.

My client Eileen, older than 60, is setting out to do a half-Ironman, just because of the challenge.

Barb, another client, also retired, is planning bike tours with her husband.

George is working on some seriously long-distance gravel races next year.

What’s Your Cycling Adventure?

What have you thought about?

Maybe it’s a 50-mile ride, maybe a bike trip.

Every person’s adventure is different.

There are so many options and adventures.

Scroll through the Events page of the Bike Fed.

Search for bike groups on Facebook (there’s a bazillion).

Let’s Talk!

Any time you have questions about bike adventures, let me know.

I love talking bikes.

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I help everyday endurance athletes reach their adventure and challenge goals through personalized, holistic training, strength work, and yoga.

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Paul Warloski, Simple Endurance Coaching

Paul Warloski, Simple Endurance Coaching

I help everyday endurance athletes reach their adventure and challenge goals through personalized, holistic training, strength work, and yoga.

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