Beginning Runners May Benefit The Most From Interval Training

Moriah finished her first 15k using strides and fartlek interval training

Improve Your 5k or 10k Times Through Interval Training

If you are already running five or six-minute miles and love using precise time splits for your training, this article is not for you!

Setting Up A Program To Have Fun And Go Fast

My client, Moriah, started running last year during the pandemic to deal with the stress.

We Started With Stride Intervals And Added Fartleks

We started with simple strides or unstructured mini-sprints where she would just run faster for a block.

Moriah Is Ready For More Structured Work With Intervals

Moriah has a bit more drive now to improve her speed.

High-Intensity Intervals Have Big Positive Effects For New Runners

These HIIT sessions have several positive effects for a beginning runner.

Tabata-Style Intervals Can Help Boost Fitness More

Another way of doing HIIT work is the Tabata-style workouts, and these are sessions we’ll probably add to Moriah’s plan soon.

Moriah Getting Faster With Interval and Strength Work

The benefits of HIIT for beginning, even intermediate runners can be immense.

What Interval Training Do You Use?

I want to always keep training schedules simple for my clients.



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