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I help cyclists and runners reach their goals through a personalized plan of science-based endurance training, strength work, and yoga.

Your goal event is in a few months.

One way to prepare is to organize your training with a tool called “Periodization.”

Periodization for your target event starts with general fitness-building training and gradually builds to a peak prior to your event.

The idea is that you gradually add more training stress to your system, and that builds additional adaptation.

Then you add more and more as you adapt until you’re ready to bust out your best performance!

Photo by Karl Hendriske

You Can’t Maintain Your Peak All Year

The biggest challenge for endurance athletes is that we simply can’t…

Brent Tackles His Longest Bike Ride: the 225-Mile Ride Across Wisconsin

Brent Mazurek has been doing long bike rides most of his life.

On Saturday, he is tackling his longest bike ride, the Ride Across Wisconsin: 225 miles from LaCrosse to Green Bay.

Brent is an original member of the Simple Endurance Coaching Adventure team with the goal of completing RAW, doing some long-distance touring, and finishing the Horribly Hilly ride in August.

First Time With Structured Training

While he has been riding for a long time, Brent hasn’t done much in the way of structured training.

So we set up a consistent schedule of more easy endurance rides, strength training, yoga, and some harder intervals…

When I was a middle school teacher, it was always critical for me to measure my students’ progress.

How else would I know if they were actually learning what I was teaching?

It’s the same for our fitness process.

If you measure your workouts, you will figure out what works.

And you’ll keep track of your progress and increasing fitness.

The data you measure doesn’t lie. It isn’t subjective.

Keeping track of your data can show patterns, progress, lack of progress, even when to take time off!

The data you measure keeps you honest and focused on your goal.

How to Measure Progress?


I’ve been doing yoga most of my life in small doses. When I earned my 200-hour RYT certification, though, yoga became part of my daily routine.

Yoga can help everyone. Everyone can get something from yoga classes that will benefit their lives in possibly profound ways.

And I don’t necessarily mean an exercise class or a spiritual awakening. Although both might happen to you.

My yoga classes are a combination of breathing practice, joint mobility work, and holding poses for longer than is sometimes comfortable to build strength.

Reason #1: Improves Full-Body Muscle Strength

We usually hold poses for a…

Try your first Yoga for Endurance Athletes Course class FREE!

  • Do you feel stiff and awkward when you get off the bike after a ride?
  • Do your hips and back hurt after a run?
  • Does your lower back, shoulders, and/or neck hurt after a workout?
  • Is your posture getting worse as you bike more?
  • Do your hips and shoulders feel less mobile after a workout?

Yoga for Endurance Athletes is a six-week course that targets the issues and challenges faced by cyclists, runners, and cross-country skiers of all ages and experience levels, especially as we age.

This yoga for runners and cyclists course helps build strength, mobility, and better movement.

As the world enters gratefully into 2021, I’ve had several inquiries lately about how best to lose weight and get stronger.

I will always argue that the answer is the opposite of that question: Get stronger and you will lose weight.

Get stronger with heavy weight, do interval work, and you will see your best results.

So I’m not directly targeting endurance athletes with this article!

Many people, though, have goals to lose weight, be fitter, and live healthier.

Lose weight and get stronger by lifting weights, doing more exercise, and eating better!

There’s a Lot That Goes Into Living Healthier

We’ll start with the obvious: If your…

Face Masks Can Improve Breathing by Increasing Lung Capacity

Instead of fighting against the public health and medical officials, people who refuse to wear masks should instead know that masks improve breathing capacity!

In fact, people pay a lot of money for tools that limit their breathing to improve their lung capacity and strength!

We can remind the knuckleheads in the gyms that wearing masks to cover their nose and mouth can actually make them fitter!

Asthma as Restrictive Breathing Practice

I’ve had asthma since I was a little, and recently figured out that Vocal Cord…

Effective Strength Training for Endurance Athletes Means Fewer Reps, Heavier Weights

And the recent research suggest we should be lifting heavier weights with fewer reps.

And as an older athlete, I’m doing less volume on the bike or on the trail and more days of strength training.

I’m finding that it’s getting me stronger on the bike and faster on the trails with more endurance and more comfort.

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes Guidelines

1. Mix up the exercises in your workout. That keeps you engaged and your muscles “guessing what’s coming next” so they adapt and grow.

2. To get strong, go heavy and go…

Female athletes get stronger by using better fueling, planning workouts based on menstrual cycle, and lifting heavy weights.

  • One, lift heavy weights.
  • Two, consume more protein.
  • Three, utilize your menstrual cycle to your advantage.

Dr. Sims understood that most research on nutrition, strength training, and endurance training had been done on college-aged men, then extrapolated into recommendations for women.

As Sims likes to say, though, “Women are not small men.”

Over the past five weeks, I’ve been posting articles based on Sims’ book Roar. …

Women Need Heavy Strength Training to Counter Loss of Lean Muscle Mass

(This is one is a series of articles about specific training information and advice from Dr. Stacy Sims’ book, Roar. If you are a female athlete, or coach female athletes, this book should be required reading. It changed everything for me as a male coach!)

In Dr. Stacy Sims’ book Roar, she says “strong is not only sexy, it’s essential.”

I see more women at the gym to lift heavy weights.

For good reason.

Women start out with less muscle than men, and lose more as they age because their hormones don’t help with muscle building.

Lean muscle mass decreases…

Paul Warloski, Simple Endurance Coaching

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