3 Ways To Be Absolutely Confident With Your Individualized Training Zones

The correct adaptations require accurate and individualized training zones

By definition, training is about creating adaptations in our bodies that help our performance.

In the past, you needed a lab and a lot of money for metabolic testing

Now with INSCYD, you can accurately and confidently know your own individualized training zones, VO2max, Anaerobic Threshold, and other key metrics with just a series of on-the-bike tests.

INSCYD testing provides individualized training zones and more

The testing offers up the following data:

  • Maximum glycolytic performance (VLamax, the fuel for maximum power);
  • Fat and Carbohydrate combustion rates (how to fuel your rides);
  • Aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution (how to best target your interval work without the guesswork);
  • Anaerobic Threshold;
  • Individualized training zones, including base, FatMax, and VO2.

Individualized training zones mean more accurate, efficient training plans

As a cycling coach, I can measure and quantify your unique characteristics, resulting in a laser-focused training plan to improve race performances and help you reach your adventure goals.

  • increase your glycolytic capacity (ability to dig deep with a lot of power)
  • increase your capacity to burn fat as a fuel
  • determine your optimal carbohydrate intake for long, steady-state rides
  • create more precise and purposeful training programs.

The demands of your target events determine the specific adaptations

With a limited amount of time to train, you need to know exactly what adaptations you’re looking for in your training.

Creating training zones based on energy systems

The INSCYD test provides a truckload of metrics and data to use to create not only individualized training zones, setting up effective intervals, but fueling and recovery strategies as well.

Several threshold testing options

You have several options to do INSCYD testing and figure out your accurate individualized training zones.

1. Coaching Programs

Both of my coaching programs, semi-custom and full-custom, include initial and follow-up INSCYD testing.

2. INSCYD Test with Training Plan

I use the INSCYD software to analyze your metabolic profile to give you a comprehensive report that includes your individualized training zones.

3. INSCYD Test with Full Report

I analyze your test data and review the individualized training zones, metabolic profile, and fueling information with you.

Want to know more about what you can achieve?

My purpose with Simple Endurance Coaching is to help everyday endurance athletes achieve their goals with more strength, endurance, and mobility.

  • RRCA Running Coach
  • Training Peaks Level 2 Coach
  • RYT-200 Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer



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